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Special Features

At the 2021 Telford HamFest, we had 3 presentations lined up for visitors - including a talk from Callum M0MCX ("DX Commander") with the catchy title "Amateur Radio is not Dead - Here is Why", a talk from Peter G4URT "2Metre EME - My Journey Through Time & Space" and Heather Lomond M0HMO presents "Operating RTTY and RTTY Contesting".
Talks last for about 40 minutes apiece, so there will be time to visit all the HamFest stands, both inside and outdoors.

RSGB regional stand & bookstall

The RSGB regional stand & bookstall unfortunately will NOT be available this year as insufficient volunteers were available.

QO-100 Demonstration

For the first time, last year a live QO-100 Satellite demonstration was be set up near the HamFest entrance, with a camera sending live pictures to a large worldwide audience.

Bring and Buy Stand

The Bring and Buy stand is always popular. Unlike some other rallies, we charge NO BOOKING-IN FEE - so it costs you nothing to try and sell equipment, aerials etc. If your kit is sold, the organisers (Telford & DARS) simply take a 10% commission.
So you have a Win / Win arrangement for you and the buyers.

Military Radio Display Vehicles

A popular feature organised by Simon Shillabeer 2E0MRS, assisted by Mark and Andy in 2021. This amazing collection of equipment is fully operational for the first time. It will be located in the outside trading area adjacent to the main entrance; well worth a visit.